We are aware of the influence of our business activities on the environment and society and want to act in such a way that the natural environment is also preserved and available for future generations. We do this by increasingly integrating sustainability into our business processes, services and products. Unnoticed, you will help to achieve our objectives during your stay, without being hindered by this.

For example, we work with an energy company that supplies us with green electricity, we use energy-saving means and products including energy-saving lamps as much as possible, we are involved in sustainable purchasing of products and food with a quality mark and we take water-saving measures. In addition, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and we have separate waste flows. All this for our future generations!

We are currently scoring Gold, but despite this score we will continuously work on improving our social responsibility. A special 'Greenkey' team has been set up itself that looks at how PREMIER SUITES can improve on a daily basis. We look forward to working with you to contribute to the conservation of nature and the environment!