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Events in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a growing city where more and more events are being organized. This differs from small festivals to very large events, so there is a lot to do every month. That's why we have selected the five best events you do not want to miss.

NN Rotterdam Marathon

Every year during the first weekend of April is the Rotterdam Marathon. There are 46.000 people who walk and follow different marathon routes. It doesn't matter what distance you run; everyone finishes on the f...

Rotterdam Dining

One of my favorite things is to discover restaurants in Rotterdam with an amazing cuisine. Rotterdam has a lot of restaurants you do not want to miss, that is why it is so difficult to choose. I therefore have made a top 5 dining spots in Rotterdam you don’t want to miss!

FG and FG Foodlabs

These restaurants are really a phenomenon in Rotterdam. FG and FG Foodlabs were founded by François Geurds. This chef always creates a taste sensation that you don't want to miss and ...

Rotterdam Bikes

Cycling in Rotterdam a self-guided bike tour

Rotterdam is finally proving itself as a tourist destination, on par with many of the world’s big cities; and what do popular tourist destinations have in common? A good public transport system and some excellent sights to keep visitors occupied and entertained. If you’re visiting Rotterdam this year, the easiest and most enjoyable way to navigate our streets is to rent a bike and enjoy a self-guided cycling tour. Here are some tips and...

Differences between Rotterdam and Amsterdam

As with many capital and second cities, there has been a famous rivalry between two great Dutch cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam for many years. The rivalry, often referred to as 010 (Rotterdam) versus 020 (Amsterdam)- the cities telephone codes, dates back to the 13th century when both cities were first granted city status. We love both cities equally and can see the merits of visiting both but as residents of the ‘Gateway to Europe’, we favour our hotspots in Rotterdam. Here are some of t...