Welcome to PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam. This blog gives you a glimp into the wonderful city of Rotterdam during the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Rotterdam is trying to be a progressive city in many ways, that’s why we at PREMIER SUITES want to contribute in making this period even more beautiful, by providing our guests all the beauty that Rotterdam has to offer.

Christmas decorations around the city

The entire city of Rotterdam is decorated with wonderful lights. They provide a wonderful atmosphere and give Christmas time the extra sparkling vibes it needs. So do not forget to take pictures when taking a walk through the city center during your Christmas shopping. The highlight of the decorations will be in the “Koopgoot”. The shopping area has stores like H&M, Douglas, ZARA and many more. The decorations in this shopping area aretruly beautiful. But also there is the Bijenkorf, there are huge wall decorations and beautiful window decorations too.

Activities around the city

Ofcourse it would not be Christmas without lots of activities and events that match the holiday. With the schools having their Christmas holiday break, the kids will have also lots of things to look forward to. So when visiting the city with kids know that you can excite them with various nice activities.

Activities with kids

On the 16th of December there will be a play for kids about a princess named Anna and her Christmas dress, during the play she will make the dress, and when its done she will sing various Christmas songs with the audience. The play takes place in the Schouwburg theatre, close to PREMIER SUITES.

Activities with music

On the 15th AND the 16th of December there will be a Christmas concert, filled with all the famous Christmas songs. the songs will be accompanied by conductor Marc Schaap and his orchestra. This will be in the Hillegonda church (from 20:15 hours). On the 15th and on the 16th of December it will be in the Laurentius – Elisabethcathedral (from 15:30 hours). Entrance will be free of costs! Most of the songs will be sung in Dutch.


The Christmas period would not be a real Christmas period without a Christmas market. So make sure you visit the concert venue Ahoy. From the 5th till the 9th of December there will be a wonderful market, with lots of entertainment for young & old! There will be performances and fashion shows every day, you can also follow different workshops , there is a Winter Bingo with nice prices and a big Christmas village with beautiful mini houses and moving statues. Of course Santa will come to visit! In short: the Winter Fair is an atmospheric experience for everyone. Location: Ahoyweg 10, Rotterdam

Wintermarket in the centre

Even better news is that this year the market in downtown Rotterdam has made its return! From the 1st until the 31st of December the city will be filled with wooden cabins for all sorts of snacks, food and nice Christmas stuff. With our venue being right in the middle of the city centre, this will be a nice Christmas adventure for our guests. Come and experience our magical city during Christmas.

Warm wishes, The PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

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