When exploring Rotterdam you can use several ways to move around the city: you can grab a taxi, make use of public transport such as the bus or the tram or simply explore the city on foot. Not interested in one of these options? Then taking the bike is a great alternative!
Why discovering Rotterdam by bike?
Cycling paths? Cycling paths everywhere!
Rotterdam has a lot of cycle paths that make Rotterdam part of the City Region Rotterdam bike junction network. Want t...

Discover the new PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp

We have the honour to announce you that there is a new PREMIER SUITES PLUS location opening in September 2018: PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp. The serviced apartments can be
found In the heart of the city centre of Antwerp, in the Diamond district. At walking distance of the Antwerp Central Station and near the shopping area. Sounds perfect for a city trip or when looking a place to stay when you are in town for business.



It is May, the sun is shining, all things bright and beautiful, spring is everywhere! Enjoying the sun on a terrace in Rotterdam is always a good idea, but where to go? Below you can read our suggestions!

1. Prachtig
Prachtig means magnificent in Dutch and the view of the terrace is really magnificent. It is situated on the banks of the Maas in Rotterdam and they not only serve drinks, but also delicious food, lunch and dinner.

Looking for an apartment in Rotterdam for a short term? Renting an apartment for short term in Rotterdam is not easy. Most contracts are long-term contracts and most owners do not want to rent out their apartment for a short period. Our apartments in Rotterdam are perfect for a short time and this is why:
We offer luxurious serviced apartments in Rotterdam
The big difference between our apartments and all others is the service we offer. Every day you come home in a clean and...

Staying at a serviced apartment during your trip to Rotterdam has several benefits. Besides the luxury of sleeping in a suite, we have listed the 6 main arguments of chosing for serviced apartments.
Enjoy our high speed Wi-Fi
In how many hotels have you ever realized that the Wi-Fi is not as fast as promised? You get a code, but the connection is very bad or works very slow? At our serviced apartments in Rotterdam, struggling with the Wi-Fi won’t be the case. Checking your e...