Rotterdam Central District

Weena is a stretched boulevard in the city center of Rotterdam where you find many skyscrapers and beautiful architecture. Is it also one of Rotterdam's primary business districts and is part of Rotterdam’s Central District. It is where our hotel PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam is located. International companies like Shell and Unilever have an office in this district. The Groot Handelsgebouw which houses 180 offices, is right across the street from PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

Rivium Capelle a/d Ijsel

Business district Rivium is on the outskirts of Rotterdam, next to the central highway. Influential (or large) companies like PWC and BP are situated here. Rivium is easily accessible from PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

Metro: Every 9 min. Take metro line A, B or C to Capelsebrug. Takes about 28 minutes.

By car: 20 minutes

Distance: 6 kilometers


Businessdistrict Brainpark is on the outskirts of Rotterdam, close to the highway. Companies like Deutsche Bank and BDO are in this area. Brainpark is just a 15-minute drive from PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

Metro: Every 6 minutes. Take metro line A, B, or C to Kralingse Zoom. Take about 18 minutes.

By car: 15 minutes

Distance: 5 kilometers

Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam is the largest sea port in Europe and ranked in the top 10 largest ports in the world. It owes its leading position due to its outstanding accessibility for seagoing vessels and therefore attracts large businesses and international companies that have settled in this port. It is an influential business area. From PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam, you can easily get to the port of Rotterdam.

Tram: every 5 minutes, take tram 23/25, this will take you about 30/40 minutes

By car: typically around 20 minutes, depending on the traffic